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NOM2015 nek


2015 OCTOBER 2-3




2015 September 30

All errors and emissons excepted


The Faroe Islands Swimming Association welcome you

to Tórshavn, Faroe Islands on the occasion of

Nordic Open Masters in swimming 2015, October 2 and 3.



Date: 2015 October 2 and 3

Place: Svimjihøllin í Gundadali – Gundadalur 4 – 100 Tórshavn – Faroe Islands

Venue: The competition will take place in a 25m pool, 6 lanes, depth 1,6 to 1,8m with water temperature at 26,5°C.

The competition pool is equipped with Omega starting blocks and omega timing.

Warm up and down will be possible in the diving pool, 14x14m depth 4,5m. Water temperatur 26,5°.


More information about Svimjihøllin í Gundadali can be found here:




Friday October 2, 2015

Possibility to train 8:00 to 10:00 (only entered swimmers)

Warmup: 16:00

Session 1: 17:30

Saturday October 3, 2015

Warmup: 7:00

Session 2: 08:30

Saturday October 3, 2015

Warm up: 13:30

Session 3: 15:00

Farewell party: 20:00


Age groups: (individual)

A 25-29 • B 30-34 • C 35-39 • D 40-44 • E 45-49 • F 50-54

G 55-59 • H 60-64 • I 65-69 • J 70-74 • K 75-79 • L 80-84M 85-89 • N 90-94 • O 95-


Please note! There is no age group for pre-masters.


Relay age groups: (sum of the competitor’s age)

A 100-119 • B 120-159 • C 160-199 • D 200-239 • E 240-279

F 280-319 • G 320-


Late entry fee will be charged at DKK 230 (aprox €30)/person or relay team/event. Late entry closed on September 29.


Entry cancellation

Must be made no later than 20:00 Thursday October 1 regarding events on Friday October 2 2015.
Regarding events on Saturday October 3 cancellation must be made no later than 30 minutes after the session preceding the session the cancellation refers to.

Late or non-cancellations will be charged at DKK 230 (aprox €30)/person or relay team/event.


Relay participants

Name and order of the relay participants, should be submitted to the competition secretariat no later than one (1) hour prior to the session including the event. The form should state the age of each swimmer and also the total age (agegroup).



Medals will be awarded to the top three swimmers in each agegroup in each event (including relays), regardless of nationality.

Even though the NSF regulation states only medals to the winning relay team, the organisers have decided to award medals to the top three team.


The Medals will be presented according to the schedule, in Order of events. First all winner of gold medals will be called forward, and presented, then silver and finally bronce. No waiting for swimmers, those not present can pick up their medals at the secretariat. No medals will be sent out after the competition.



Due to the amount of start, we will implement flying starts.


Warm up

45 minutes prior to start of the competition lane 6 will be a sprint lane. 30 minutes prior to start lane 1 will also be a sprint lane.



In case of world or european records, please ask the secretariat for the certificate for the measurement of the pool, according to FINA Facilities Rules FR 2.2.2.


First Aid

There will be a first aid station in the pool area.


Keys for locker

You can get keys for the locker. To obtain a key you have to put down a 50 DKK deposit, that will be refunded when you turn the key in. Only DKK accepted Danish or Faroese notes/coins.



There will be authorized fysioterapists working in the pool area. The charge is 50 DKK pr. 5 minutes.


No bags requirements

As we are short of space it will not be allowed to have bags and equipments at the spectator area. Please respect this. The seating is free, no team are allowed to claim an area of the spectators seats!


Order of events

Session 1,

17:30 Friday October 2

  1. 400m free Men
  2. 400m free Women
  3. 50m fly Men
  4. 50m fly Women

Medal presentation competition 1-4

  1. 100m breast Men
  2. 100m breast Women
  3. 100m back Men
  4. 100m back Women
  5. 200m free Men
  6. 200m free Women

Medal presentation competition 5-10

  1. 4 x 50m free Relay Men
  2. 4 x 50m free Relay Women

Medal presentation competition 11-12

Session 2,

08:30 Saturday October 3

  1. 100m free Women
  2. 100m free Men
  3. 100m fly Women
  4. 100m fly Men

Medal presentation competition 13-16

  1. 50m breast Women
  2. 50m breast Men
  3. 1500m Men
  4. 200m back Women
  5. 200m back Men

Medal presentation competition 17-21

  1. 4 x 50m medley Relay Women
  2. 4 x 50m medley Relay Men

Medal presentation competition 22-13


Session 3,

15:00 Saturday October 3

  1. 4 x 50m Medley Mixed
  2. 200m medley Men
  3. 200m medley Women
  4. 1500m free Women

Medal presentation competition 24-27

  1. 50m back Men
  2. 50m back Women
  3. 50m free Men

Medal presentation competition 28-30

  1. 50m free Women
  2. 4x 50m free Mixed

Medal presentation competition 31-32


Transport / Meals


Those who have purchased Transport package, Meals or only Farewell party will be issued with an ID that show this. Please do not try to board the busses without your ID, as you will be turned away.


Those who have purchased Transport package will be picked up at the airport. There will be shuttlebusses between hotels, pool and the buffet. See schedule below. These busses are dedicated to NOM 2015. The busses wil be as flexible as possible, within this schedule. Remember to show your ID before boarding the bus.

NB! Those lodging at Bládýpi have to enter the busses at Hotel Tórshavn.

Bus 1 – Friday Bus 2 – Friday
15.00 Hotel Streym 15.00 Hotel Føroyar
15.08 Hotel Tórshavn/Bládýpið* 15.10 Pool
15.13 Hotel Hafnia
15.20 Pool
15.40 Hotel Streym 15.20 Hotel Streym
15.48 Hotel Tórshavn/Bládýpið* 15.28 Hotel Tórshavn/Bládýpið*
15.53 Hotel Hafnia 15.33 Hotel Hafnia
16.00 Pool 15.40 Pool
16.20 Hotel Streym 16.00 Hotel Føroyar
16.28 Hotel Tórshavn/Bládýpið* 16.10 Pool
16.33 Hotel Hafnia
16.40 Pool
From Pool From Pool
19.45 Skúlaheimið / Buffet 20.00 Skúlaheimið / Buffet
20.15 Skúlaheimið / Buffet 20.30 Skúlaheimið / Buffet
20.45 Skúlaheimið / Buffet 21.15 Skúlaheimið / Buffet
From Skúlaheimið / Buffet From Skúlaheimið / Buffet
21.15 To Hotels 21.30 To Hotels
21.45 To Hotels 22.00 To Hotels
22.15 To Hotels 22.30 To Hotels
*Those lodging at Bládýpi have to enter the busses at Hotel Tórshavn
Bus 1 – Saturday Bus 2 – Saturday
06.30 Hotel Streym 06.40 Hotel Streym
06.38 Hotel Tórshavn/Bládýpið* 06.48 Hotel Tórshavn/Bládýpið*
06.43 Hotel Hafnia 06.53 Hotel Hafnia
06.50 Pool 07.00 Pool
07.10 Hotel Streym 07.10 Hotel Føroyar
07.18 Hotel Tórshavn/Bládýpið* 07.20 Pool
07.23 Hotel Hafnia
07.30 Pool 07.40 Hotel Streym
07.48 Hotel Tórshavn/Bládýpið*
07.40 Hotel Føroyar 07.53 Hotel Hafnia
07.50 Pool 08.00 Pool
11.00 Pool to Skúlaheimið/Buffet 11.15 Pool to Skúlaheimið/Buffet
11.30 Pool to Skúlaheimið/Buffet 11.45 Pool to Skúlaheimið/Buffet
12.00 Pool to Skúlaheimið/Buffet 12.00 From Skúlaheimið to Hotels
12.30 Pool to Skúlaheimið/Buffet 12.30 From Skúlaheimið to Hotels
13.15 Pool to Skúlaheimið/Buffet 13.00 From Skúlaheimið to pool and hotels
13.45 Pool to Skúlaheimið/Buffet 13.30 From Skúlaheimið to pool and hotels
14.15 Pool to Skúlaheimið/Buffet 14.00 From Skúlaheimið to pool and hotels
17.00 To Hotels from pool 17.15 To Hotels from pool
17.30 To Hotels from pool 17.45 To Hotels from pool
18.00 To Hotels from pool 18.30 To Hotels from pool
19.00 To Farewell party starting Hotel Streym 19.30 To Farewell party from Hotel Føroyar
19.30 To Farewell party starting Hotel Streym 20.00 To Farewell party starting Hotel Streym
00.30 To Hotels from farewell party
01.30 To Hotels from farewell party
*Those lodging at Bládýpi have to enter the busses at Hotel Tórshavn





You will be met at the airport by a representative and driven to your hotel.


The city busses (red busses) are free, and run from “Steinatún”. The Line 1 marked to “Undir Brúnni” and line 3 marked “Millum Gilja” vil take you close to the pool.


See more at:


Meals and farewell party:

Breakfast will be served at the hotels. The hotels have been informed about the need for an early breakfast saturday morning.


All meals and the farewell party is organised at Skúlaheimið, on google maps Guesthouse Marknagil.

Remember to show your ID.

It includes two Buffets, one on Friday after the competition and one Saturday after the morning competition. Also the Farewell party on saturday night. All meals with water and milk. At the Farewell party there will be a deluxe buffet. After dinner at the Farewell party the dance floor will be open! A bar will also be in function, with a variety of beverages/drinks.

Allergies: There will be catered for those who have informed us about allergies.




Aerial view of Tórshavn, Pool and Hotels



Pool to Hotel Hafnia

Pool to Hotel Tórshavn


Pool to Bládýpið


Pool to Hotel Streym


Pool to Hotel Føroyar


Pool to Skúlaheimið/Buffet


Bládýpið to Hotel Tórshavn (to get the bus)